Distance Learning Continues into 2022

Multi-day webinars offered by Evolve Forensics:

Learning Together from a Distance

Evolve Forensics is committed to providing personalized instruction through ongoing live webinars. These live webinars provide the same top-notch training Alice White and Glenn Langenburg have delivered in person during their respective careers in friction ridge examination. Live webinars are the optimum learning environment in today’s world:

  1. Safe and Affordable – no need to travel or sit in a crowded training room.
  2. Responsive – live instructors can immediately respond to questions and discussion.
  3. Verification of Knowledge Transfer – online tools permit the instructor to verify the attendees’ understanding of the content and immediately correct any misunderstanding.
  4. Expanded Professional Network – the instructors become a part of each attendee’s professional network, the ultimate “phone a friend”!

Forensic evidence plays a key role in decisions throughout the criminal justice process. Forensic evidence however, does not speak for itself. It requires the mind and the voice of the practitioner to interpret and present the evidence to decision makers. Evolve Forensics promotes the integrity of the interpretation and presentation of forensic evidence by broadening the minds and strengthening the voices of practitioners.

Live Webinar Information

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