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ImageNameWebinar dateWebinar timePriceBuy
Managing Cognitive Bias in Friction Ridge Examinations (11/30/22)Nov 30, 2022 Wednesday8am-11am PST$125.00
How to Prepare for a Latent Print Daubert Hearing (12/01/22)Dec 1, 2022 Thursday8am-12pm PST$125.00
Beyond Discriminating Power of Friction Ridge Arrangements – Applying What You Learned (12/06/22)Dec 6, 2022 Tuesday8am-12pm PST$125.00
Implementing the Expanded OSAC Conclusion Scale (12/07/22)Dec 7, 2022 Wednesday8am-12pm PST$125.00
Resolving Conflict in Friction Ridge Examinations (12/08/22)Dec 8, 2022 Thursday8am-11pm PST$125.00
Comparative Dermatoglyphics: Fingers, Palms, and Feet (01/10/23)Jan 10 - 12, 2023 (Tues - Thurs)6:00am PST$395.00
Landmark-Based Morphometrics (01/18/23)Jan 18, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PST$125.00
Introduction to Palm Prints (01/23/23)Jan 23 - 26, 2023 (Mon - Thur)6:00am PST$450.00
Discriminating Power of Friction Ridge Arrangements (02/01/23)Feb 1, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PST$125.00
Limits of Uniqueness in Friction Ridge Impressions (02/15/23)Feb 15, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PST$125.00
Limits of Persistency in Friction Ridge Skin (02/22/23)Feb 22, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PST$125.00
Importance of Expertise in Friction Ridge Examinations (03/14/23)Mar 14, 2023 Tuesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
Basic Fingerprint Distortion (03/15/23)Mar 15, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
Error Rates, Human Factors, and Quality Management Systems (03/28/23)Mar 28, 2023 Tuesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
Advanced Fingerprint Distortion (03/29/23)Mar 29, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
Tonal Transitions: Causes and Visual Effects (04/12/23)Apr 12, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
The Trouble with Exclusions (04/26/23)Apr 26, 2023 Wednesday9am - 1pm PDT$125.00
Establishing & Implementing Latent Print Suitability Criteria (05/15/22)May 15 - 19, 2023 Mon - Fri9am PDT daily$550.00
Building A Friction Ridge Training Program (06/20/23)Jun 20 - 23, 2023 Tues - Fri9am PDT daily$525.00
Introduction to Palm Prints (07/10/23)Jul 10 - 13, 2023 Mon - Thur9am PDT daily$450.00
Comparative Dermatoglyphics: Fingers, Palms, and Feet (07/25/23)Jul 25 - 27, 2023 Tue - Thu9am - 1 pm PDT$395.00
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