Implementing the Expanded OSAC Conclusion Scale (03/23/22)


Webinar Date

Mar 23, 2022

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8am – 12pm PDT

Webinar Duration

4 hours

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Instructor: Dr. Glenn Langenburg

Attendees will review the 2018 OSAC proposed standard “Standard for Friction Ridge Examination Conclusions” and Glenn will outline how to introduce and implement this standard into ISO accredited procedures. We will explore the importance of qualitative versus quantitative results, relative magnitude, and how to understand the significance of these terms. We will define these terms and how they differ from current terms. Glenn will propose methods for testing the use of this scale and what is required to implement the standard into casework in an accredited agency.

Course Pre-Requisites: You should have an understanding of current reporting practices and the current SWGFAST/ENFSI conclusions in the field of fingerprints (i.e., Identification, Exclusion, Inconclusive, and various forms of Inconclusive).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The attendee will be able to define qualitative and quantitative likelihood ratios (LRs).
  2. The attendee will be able to define the OSAC categorical conclusions.
  3. The attendee will be able to list and define the competing source propositions.
  4. The attendee will be able to explain the importance of relative magnitude of support.
  5. The attendee will be able to apply the OSAC terms to practical examples of latent prints.
  6. The attendee will be able to describe methods for testing and implementing the terms into casework.
  7. The attendee will be able to describe reporting language and requirements.
  8. The attendee will be able to describe how conflict resolution is impacted by the use of this scale.

Course Handout: You will receive an email link several days before class to download the handouts and images. This will give you an opportunity to come to the webinar with the exercises already prepared and we can discuss as a group. The pre-course work may take about an hour to review. If you are unable to download or work the exercises in time, you can still participate in the webinar, but you will have less time to review the exercises in real time.

Assessing Learning Outcomes (a.k.a Quiz): In order to verify the learning outcomes have been achieved, there is a 20-question quiz via SurveyMonkey at the end of each webinar. Attendees must score a minimum of 70% in order to receive a training certificate for the webinar. Please note quizzes are open-book and poll questions are given during the webinar to prepare attendees for the quiz.

Attendance Policy: This webinar may only be attended by the person registered for the webinar. Evolve Forensics does not permit broadcasting, watching, listening, or distributing the webinar or any of the webinar handouts to individuals who are not registered for this webinar.

Software Requirements: Attendees must be able to access GoToWebinar (webinar platform) and SurveyMonkey (quiz platform) in order to participate.

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For questions regarding the course content, please contact Glenn Langenburg via email

For questions regarding registration and payment, please contact Alice White via email

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