Suitability Boot Camp (1/22/2024)


Webinar Date

Jan 22 – Feb 29, 2024

Webinar Time

Start 7:00am PST

Webinar Duration

100 hours Total

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Instructor: Alice White



Week #1 – Performance Pre-Testing – Starts January 22, 2024

Day # Hours Activity
Monday 1 Introduction to the Course
1 Rules for Isolating Impressions
1 Rules for Annotating Search Parameters
1 Rules for Marking Minutiae
Tuesday 4 Pre-Test #1 Suitability
Wednesday 4 Pre-Test #2 Search Parameters
Thursday 4 Pre-Test #3 Minutiae Mark-Up
Friday 4 Pre-Test #4 Distortion Interpretation

Week #2 – Search Parameter Training – Starts January 29, 2024

Day # Hours Activity
Monday 2 Debriefing of Pre-Test Results
2 Anatomical Structure of Hands and Feet – A Study of Shape & Creases
2 Gross Distortion Factors – Deposition Pressure, Hand Flexion & Abduction of Digits
Tuesday 4 Ridge Flows and Pattern Elements in Hands and Feet
Wednesday 6 Independent Search Parameter Practice due end of day
Friday 2 Debriefing of Search Parameter Practice Exercises

Week #3 – Distortion Interpretation Training – Starts February 5, 2024 

Day # Hours Activity
Monday 3 Movement Distortion – Shearing Stress and Torque
Tuesday 4 Residue Distortion
Wednesday 3 Overlays, Double Taps, and Wobble
Thursday 4 Independent Distortion Practice due end of day
Friday 2 Debriefing of Distortion Practice Exercises

Week #4 – Minutiae Mark-Up Training – Starts February 12, 2024

Day # Hours Activity
Monday 4 Minutiae Mark-Up Guidelines – Inked impressions
Tuesday 4 Independent Inked Practice due end of day
Wednesday 2 Debriefing of Inked Practice Exercises
4 Independent Latent Practice due end of day
Friday 2 Debriefing of Latent Practice Exercises

Week #5 – Suitability Training – Starts February 20, 2023

Day # Hours Activity
Tuesday 4 Applying Suitability Criteria
Wednesday 4 Independent Suitability Practice #1 due end of day
Thursday 2 Debriefing of Suitability Practice #1 Exercises
4 Independent Suitability Practice #2 due end of day
Friday 2 Debriefing of Suitability Practice #2 Exercises

Week #6 – Performance Post-Testing – Starts February 26, 2023

Day # Hours Activity
Monday 2 Post-Testing Instructions
4 Set 1 Suitability Test due end of day
Tuesday 4 Set 2 Suitability Test due end of day
Thursday 2 Debriefing of Suitability Post-Test
2 Closing Remarks

This six-week course is designed to improve and stabilize latent print suitability decisions. While significant information about the course is provided below, this course is essentially broken into three phases. Phase 1 is a week of performance pre-testing to illuminate areas in need of improvement. Phase 2 is four weeks of training to build the foundations for suitability decisions. Phase 3 is one week of performance post-testing to demonstrate improved skills.

This course is approved for 100 training hours by the International Association for Identification (IAI) Latent Print and Tenprint Certification and Re-Certification.

Who will benefit?

This course benefits examiners (regardless of experience level) who are struggling to select appropriate latent prints for comparison or need to improve foundational skills (search parameters, distortion interpretation, and minutiae mark-up). This course also benefits the examiners who are struggling with a transition to a more explicit suitability criteria as requested by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). This course will require attendees to follow specific suitability criterion during class; however, attendees will develop the foundational skills to pivot to the suitability criteria implemented by their agency/employer.

Requirements to Participate

  • Full commitment to the course is required. If an examiner misses more than two (2) meetings or more than two (2) deadlines during the six-week session, they will be removed from the program and there will be no refunds issued.
  • At a minimum, basic exposure to latent prints is required. This course is ideal for helping an examiner with some latent print experience.
  • Computer with sufficient memory and chutzpah (processing power) to manage numerous digital images up to 10MB each.
  • Digital imaging software to mark-up images (e.g., Adobe Photoshop ®)
  • Access to a scanner to create pdfs and jpgs of completed assignments
  • Access to GoToWebinar to attend lectures (ideally, the attendee can share their screen to discuss images)
  • Access to Microsoft OneDrive to download and upload files (jpgs and pdfs)
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