The Trouble with Exclusions (04/26/23)


Webinar Date

Apr 26, 2023

Webinar Time

9am – 1pm PDT

Webinar Duration

4 hours

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Instructor: Alice White

This course will use three regions of the friction ridge skin to demonstrate the difficulty with exclusions: extreme tips of fingers, extreme edges of fingers, and impressions from proximal and medial phalanges. These regions will illustrate the importance of understanding the completeness of exemplar prints and appropriate conclusions.

With tips and edges of fingers we will focus on the challenge of approximating the distance and angle to the core or a delta. With the lower segments of the finger we will focus on the challenges of determining 1) medial from proximal segment, 2) lateral position along the segment, and 3) variation in the recording of the secondary creases.

In addition to these problematic areas of the friction ridge skin, Alice will demonstrate same source samples that would likely result in a high false exclusion rate simply due to the differences caused by distortion. Attendees should leave this webinar with a better grasp of why the false exclusion rate will likely always be higher than the false identification rate.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The attendee will be able to describe the two phases of the comparison process.
  2. The attendee will be able to define the following conclusions: Inconclusive, Support for Different Source, and Exclusion.
  3. The attendee will be able to list the three possible outcomes that are driven by the quality of the exemplar prints.
  4. The attendee will be able to list the issues that should be considered before rendering an exclusion decision.
  5. The attendee will be able to describe the cautions that should be taken with impressions from the extreme tips of the fingers.
  6. The attendee will be able to describe the cautions that should be taken with impressions from the edges of the fingers.
  7. The attendee will be able to describe the cautions that should be taken with impressions from the lower portions of the fingers.
  8. The attendee will be able to describe how same source impressions can lead to erroneous exclusions.

Course Handout

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Assessing Learning Outcomes (a.k.a. Quiz)

In order to verify these learning outcomes have been achieved, there is a 20-question quiz via SurveyMonkey at the end of each webinar. Attendees must score a minimum of 70% on the quiz in order to receive a training certificate for the webinar. Please note the quizzes are open-book and poll questions are given during the webinar to prepare attendees for the quiz.

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